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Xilution Stacks take the guesswork out of building and deploying resources into the cloud. Our stacks are assemblies of Xilution pipelines and other cloud centric resources that form a cohesive web development solution.

Provisioning a stack is fast and easy. What once once took days or weeks for web development teams to do can now be achieved in minutes.

To provision a new Xilution stack, simply select a solution from a list of ready-made stack templates, provide us with some input parameters, click the "Provision Stack" button, kick back and we'll take care of all the DevOps details for you.

Best of all, we've baked years of DevOps and web development experience into our stacks and pipelines, so you'll know your project will start off on the right foot on day one.

Stacks templates are reusable and extendable.

  • Select from a list of curated public stack templates published by the Xilution and other Xilution users.
  • Build upon what others have achieved by copying a stack template into your own organization and customize it for your needs.

Select from an ever growing list of solutions based on a diverse collection of frameworks. Our curated list of public stack templates includes API, Single Page Web App and WordPress solutions to name a few.

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