Xilution APIs

Honey Bee

Xilution's Honey Bee is a resource scheduling API.

  • Great for restaurants and rental businesses.
  • Features reservable asset and reservation types.
  • Automatically detects scheduling conflicts.
  • Expressively model reservable asset availability and unavailability.
  • Use capabilities settings to find reservable assets that match your customer's needs.
  • Can be configured to post a reservation create, update and delete event to an endpoint of your choice.
  • Automatically deletes unconfirmed reservations after a configurable timeout period.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Xilution's Lion (an asset management API) and Bear (a customer management API) products.
  • Only pay for what you use pricing.

Honey Bee can be used to manage reservations for all sorts of assets including tables, games and tools.

Product Details
No up front or hidden fees. Only pay for what you use.
Data Transfer Out$0.002MBytes
Request Count$0.050One Thousand Requests
Consumed Storage$0.002GBytes
Pricing applies to Xilution's Production environment. Limited access to Xilution's Test environment is FREE when accessed via an active Xilution account.
Prod100 requests per second1000 requests1000 requests per day
Test10 requests per second100 requests10000 requests per month starting on the 1st day
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