Xilution Products

What's Rhino?

Rhino is where you manage organization and sub-organization user records.


  • Update your Xilution organization user record
  • Create and update sub-organization user records
  • Portal Access
  • API Access
  • Only pay for what you use pricing
  • Email based technical support

Costs & Pricing

Xilution charges the following fees for usage of the Rhino API.

Data Transfer Out
0.002 USD per MByte
Request Count
0.05 USD per One Thousand Request
Consumed Storage
0.002 USD per GByte

What's Included?

Portal Access

The Rhino Portal is an easy to use web based interface where you can create, update and delete organization and sub-organization user records.


Want to customize your interaction with Rhino? Check out the Rhino API.


To contact our technical support, send an email to support@xilution.com with a detailed description of your question or issue and we'll respond within one business day.


Email info@xilution.com with any questions you may have about Rhino or the Xilution platform in general.